Ulysses comes upon a peaceful village and decides to conquer it and steal everyone’s riches. This village isn’t ready to go down without a fight. Using war chariots, the Ciconians drive Ulysses and his men away by throwing spears and axes at the men and their ships.

Ulysses and his men escape, but not without a few casualties and damage to their ships. When the ships are taking on water, Ulysses is forced to throw the jewels overboard.


uConflict: (Person(s) vs. Society) Ulysses and his crew attack the Ciconians.

uClimax: When Ulysses escapes

uFigurative Language:


Similes: “as savage as wolves” “swooping down upon the white city like wolves upon a sheepfold” “winking their jewels like drowned fires” “scattered the ships like twigs”

Personification: “And the wind, in one huge gust of fury”

Lessons Learned:

Ulysses and his men learn a couple important lessons from their encounter with the Ciconians.

1. Just because there is a peaceful, rich village doesn’t mean it’s okay to conquer it and steal everyone’s prized possessions!

2. Don’t be so greedy! Food and water are more important than riches!


Connection to Modern Day:

There are many stories of greed, both fictional and true.


1773-1776: "No taxation without representation!" Great Britain heavily taxed the colonists, which eventually led to their revolt and the ultimate formation of our own separate country.

In 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait for its oil.

How about the mafia?!