Once upon a time there was a princess named Nausicaa who was very difficult to please and was turning down all the possible husbands her parents picked. One night when she was sleeping the godess Athene visted her dream, telling her to go down to the river an wash her clothes for her clothes for her wedding. The next day she went down to the river with all her servant girls. Once they finshed washing there clothes they started to play catch. A servant girl over threw the ball and when she went to get it she found a bloody naked man. They brought him back to the castle but he kept his identity a secret. The king wanted to kill the new guest because of what his oracle said to him that day. they tried diffrent ways to kill him but out smarted them each time. The king had a banquet for the guest where his daughter sung about the trojan. this brought the guest to tearsand he told them his name was Ulysses. They let Ulysses borrow a boat and a crew so the he could sail back to his home town.but before getting home Posieden turned Ulysses to stone. Nausicaa never found true love again, for she fell in love with Ulysess..


One characterization of Ulysses is rugged. For example, he says that when he was in the sea he was smashed into rocks, which left him bloody, muddy, and wounded when they found him. He is also sad, because when Nausicaa sings at the banquet it leads him to remember everyone he knew at the Trojan War. Some characterizations of Nausicaa are picky and beautiful. She is picky because she turns down all possible husbands because she didn't think anyone was goos enough for her. An example of her beauty is how all the princes wanted to marry her and Ulysses believed she was Artemis.

The conflict in this story is that Nausicaa will not accept a husband. She is very difficult to please and is turning down all offers. The climax occurs when Ulysses told everyone who he was. Nausicaa was singing about the warriors of the Trojan War at a banquet and Ulysses started to cry when she sung of him.

Figurative Language

  • hyperbole-"such little discs are given to babies to teethe on"
  • simile-"the way you run-like light over water"

Lessons Learned
If you're agreeable you will get what you want.
Ulysses complimented Nausicaa a lot, especially when the king was there. This led to the king growing fond of him, and giving him a ship and crew when Ulysses asked for them.

Take heed to warnings. The king was visited by an oracle the day Ulysses came, and he was told he would be visited by a storytelling, shipwrecked stranger sent by Posieden. The king tried to kill the stranger at first because the oracle said he was bad luck, but when he realized the visitor was Ulysses, he began to like him and gave him a ship. In the end it did turn out to be bad luck because Posieden turned him and his ship and crew to stone.


  • Some people still use discuses
  • It's still important to treat guests well
  • Fortune tellers are still around
  • People still wash their clothes