Teiriseas and Ulysses in Tartarus

Land of the Dead
Ulysses and his crew were on a journey to the underworld to get advice from a wise ghost. He told Elpenor to go to the mast to look for land, but Ulysses stumbled and hit the mast and Elpenor fell into the water and drowned, then they saw a seagull and followed it into the underworld. In the underworld, Ulysses cut two goats' throats and dug a trench and filled it with their blood; that was the only way to attract a ghost. First, his mother came and tells him that she is dead a few times. Then Achilles came and told Ulysses about the Sirens and if you hear them sing you will jump in the water to your death. Ajax then came and warned him that when he got home there will be a new King. He then saw Elpenor’s ghost, and he told him Charydis and Scylla are two monsters that when he comes across to a narrow place between two gigantic rocks. On one side there is Charydis, and Charidys who will take up a big gulf of water, and he will spit it back out and cause a whirlpool that will destroy their ship. But if you can’t, steer toward The Hungry Six-mouthed Scylla, for it is better to lose 6 men instead of everything. Teiresias then came and told him that on a island there will be golden cows, but not to eat their beef for they are Titan of the Suns and if his or any of his men take one they will never be able to return home. They then safely returned home and continued on their adventure.

Figurative Language:

Personification: “A white gull rose screaming and flew ahead of them.”
Imagery: “There were no stars, no moon, nothing but choking blackness.”
Personification: “Night tumbled from the sky.”
Symbolism: The seagull flew immediately after Elpenor’s Death.

Repetition: “I am dead, dead, dead.

Listen to the ghosts!
Connection to Modern Day: Don’t do drugs! That’s advice from my mom, like the ghosts gave advice to Ulysses.
Conflict: Person vs. Nature. Ulysses had to sail in the dangerous Tartarus (Underworld) without dying.
Climax: Will Ulysses come out of the Underworld alive?
Ulysses: Respectful; of the ghosts. Brave to sail to the Underworld and face the ghosts.
Teiresias: Wise to give the advice. Noble, respected Ulysses.

Achilles in Battle
Ajax in battle