One day, Ulysses and his men came across a strange little island. Ulysses decided to go exploring to see what he could find on the island. He heard wolves howling. He then reported his findings back to the rest of his crew. Eurylochus and 24 other men went searching the island for where the howling was coming from. While exploring they saw a castle in the distance.
When Eurylochus arrived at the castle, he stayed outside while the others went inside. Inside, the 24 men met Circe. Circe gave them all warm baths, new clothes, and a large meal. While they were eating she cast a spell on them, which then turned them all into pigs. When Eurylochus’s crew didn’t return to him at nightfall, he reported to Ulysses that they didn’t come back to him. Ulysses then went to the castle to figure out the problem.


Before Ulysses arrived at the castle, he met Hermes. Hermes warned him about Circe and the fact that she has magical powers. Hermes also gave him a magical flower, so that Circe’s powers wouldn’t affect him. When he entered, Circe gave him a warm bath, new clothes, and a hearty meal. He did not finish his meal though, so that she couldn’t use her magic powers on him. Ulysses told her that he thought she turned the men into pigs and he ended up being right. Ulysses then made a deal with her. The deal was to turn the pigs back into men again. She then made an oath not to cast any spells, hurt Ulysses and his crew in any way, and she would let them stay at her castle until they were ready to leave. When they were about to leave, she said that Ulysses could either stay with her to be her husband, or he could leave. She informed him that if he did leave, he couldn't just go back home, he would have to travel to the Land of the Dead. Ulysses then decided to stay with his crew and take the journey to the Land of the Dead.


Circe- cruel, pretty, and sneaky
Examples- The men didn’t know Circe was casting a spell. She then turned 24 men into pigs. (action)

Eurylochus- helpful
Examples- He reported the missing men back to Ulysses. Also he tried to help Ulysses find the men and turn them from pigs to humans. (action)

Ulysses- leader and determined
Examples- He got Circe to turn men from pigs back to men (action).He didn’t give up on turning the pigs back into men (speech).

Conflict- Person vs. Person
The men were turned into pigs by Circe and Eurylochus and Ulysses had to work together to get them turned back into men.

Figurative Language-
She was as beautiful as the dawn.(Simile)
The men were eating like pigs! (Simile)
The moon hung in the sky like an orange. (Simile)
Her dress was as blue as the summer sky. (Simile)
The bright flax leaped through her fingers as if it were dancing to music in her voice. (Simile)
The sun seemed to be trapped in her hair (Metaphor)

How will Eurylochus and Ulysses get the 24 other men back?

Lessons learned-
1. Don’t be too adventurous and don't always go out of your comfort zone.
2. Don’t be greedy.
3. Be aware of your surroundings, everything is not what it seems.
4. Always think of what could possibly happen before you do something.

Connection to Modern Day-
In December of 1803, Lewis and Clark explored part of the United States. In the story Circe, Ulysses, and some of his crew explored a mysterious island.

A man climbed Mt. Everest and died because the risk he took was too hard for him to handle. 24 men of Ulysses crew were too adventurous and because of that they got turned into pigs.

In the movie "Orphan" the parents of the little girl thought that she was nice and sweet, but she was actually evil. The same 24 men thought that Circe was really nice, but she was really sneaky.