Ulysses and his men try to go through a strait to get to Thrinacia. They get attacked by the two monsters.6 men get eaten alive and a lot of boat damage was caused. They finally pass Scylla and Charybdis as they move forward towards Thrinacia. This is where Ulysses heart turns into a piece of bonze battle armor.

As they go directly in the middle of the strait. No sudden movements as they are almost halfway through. A slight reaction as Ulysses notices the oars are way too wide. He looks to his left and the water was being sucked in and spit out into a whirlpool. Distracted by the amazing foam was like a magical dream. As the tentacles swung like a thousand ropes. If you haven't noticed Scylla is a six headed beast with large tentacles. She wants human flesh for food. On the other hand, Charybdis is an ocean dwelling monster who thirsts the water of the sea.

Now Ulysses has to act quick as the giant water waves hit the ship when 8 massive tentacles grabbing at his only men. Things seem pretty much over. He roared at his crew to keep the ship on course as he hacked at the tentacles trying to save his men. With no time to weep, they were almost out as he glanced back at Scylla stuffing his men into her six bloody mouths. Now it’s onto Thrinacia, a new adventure.


Characterization - Ulysses - brave - handling the boat when being attacked by the two monsters
Scylla- she was a naiad before Poseidon's wife changed her into a monster. She attacked andate 6 men on Ulysses' ship. She lived in a cave on the right side of the strait.
Charybdis - she was a naiad before Zues changed her into a monster. Made whirlpools that hit the ship. She was in a cave on the left side of the strait

Conflict - To pass through the strait and make it past the two monsters, Scylla and Charybdis. He has to pass this strait to get to Thrinacia
"Human vs Supernatural"

Climax - Ulysses barely making it through the strait as he looks back at the two beasts.

Figurative Language -

Similes - The white foam shooting up from the whirlpool was like a magical dream in disguise - the oars snapped like twigs

Metaphor - This is when Ulysses heart turned into a bronze piece of battle armor

Lesson learned - Dont do anything that would risk somthing important. Think before you act. Ulysses should have thought his plan out more and wasn't prepared for the monsters to attack the wide open oars. Now he payed for his mistake with 6 men eaten alive by Scylla and a large amount of boat damage.

Conection to Modern Day - handling pressure, coming through when people you love need you the most.