Cyclops Cave


In the begining of the story ulysses and his men had just escaped Lotus-Land. They are starving and are sheaching for food. Soon enough they landed on the island of the Cyclops, without knowing that a cyclops was living there. Up in the mountains the cyclops, Polyphemus, had spotted them and set up a trap (roasting goats).

The cyclops started roasting the goats so it would luewer Ulysses and his men into his cave. When they reached the cave they started to stuff their faces with the cyclops' goats meat. As they were eating they did not notice that the bolder was closing. After the bolder was closed the cyclops started to eat Ulysses' men whole, cloths, bones and flesh.

After some men were savaged, Ulysses knew he had to come up with a plan. He gave the cyclops wine, to get him drunk. The cyclops devoered the wine and he loved it. Ulysses noticed that Polyphemus' eye was red and stabed it with his sword and caused the cyclops to go blind. Ulysses needed to escape before the cyclops could see. So he climbed on to the goats bellys and they road out of the cave. Soon enogh the cyclops was chasing them down the hill. The rest of the men reached the beach after being chased to their death by the cyclops.

Then Ulysses road off with his men in their ship, while Polyphemus prayed to Poseiden, god of the sea, to punish them with a storm.

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Story Elements


Ulysses- Clever, brave, daring and courageous
Ex: Ulysses stabed the cyclops in the eye and he also got the cyclops drunk with wine.

Polyphemus- Vicious, canible, nasty, ferious, weak minded, bold, gigantic, greedy
Ex: He ate Ulysses' men


Will Ulysses and his men get traped in the cave with the cyclops or will they be able to escape?
(person vs person) or (person vs monster)


Nobody (Ulysses) gets the cyclops drunk, and while the cyclops "was out of it," Nobody blinded him and escaped the cave. As they escaped the cyclops started to say , "nobody did it , nobody did it!"

Figurative Language

- Cyclops , savage creatures, as tall as trees. (simile)
- He ate them, still wriggling, the way a cat eats a grasshopper. (metaphor)
- Then he would swim off with his pockets full of sailors. (hyperbole)
-Then he saw the whole giant, tall as a tree, with huge finger reaching out of the shadows, fingers bigger then bailing hooks. (imagery)
- It was all swimming redness. (personifaction)

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Lessons Learned

Ulysses learned a couple of lessons when he was trapped in the cyclops' cave.

1. Think before you do.

2. Beware of your surroundings.

3. Only touch what is yours.

Connection to modern Day

- National Treasure
- Indiana Jones 4
- Puss in Boots
- Little Red Riding Hood

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