After Ulysses’ ship was destroyed, he is found floating on a raft made of the remains of his ship. Calypso rescues Ulysses and took him to her island, Ogygia. After Calypso rescues Ulysses she nurses him back to health and waits for him to wake up. When Ulysses awakes, Calypso attempts to make him her husband. Calypso offers to show him his wife and son. But after that Calypso doesn’t want to remind Ulysses of his wife and family, so she puts a spell on the log. Ulysses tries to see his family in the log but it doesn’t work. He findsa crow and asks if he can speak. The crow replys yes. Ulysses asks if he can spy on his family. When the crow returns, he tells Ulysses what's going on in his village. Ulysses wants to go home so he talks to Calypso. Calypso refuses so he prays to the gods. The gods have a council meeting and agree that Ulysses should go. They send Hermes to deliver the message to Calypso. After some persuasion, Calypso gives ULysses a small vessel that could be rowed by one person and sends him on his way.

Story Elements

Characterization for Ulysses: When Ulysses found out that he had to stay on Calypso's island, he was desperate to go home to his wife and son. He was then informed that he was Calypso's husband. Now he is lost and confused.
Conflict: Will Calypso allow Ulysses to return to Ithaca? (Person vs. person)

Climax: When Calypso says Ulysses can leave.

Figurative Language: - making a sound like soft laughter. (Simile)
The meadow was a carpet of wild flowers- (Metaphor)
Over it a wild grapevine had been trained to fall like a curtain. (Simile)
-Carried him as though he was a child – (Simile)
- Stronger than the fumes of wine. (Simile)

Lesson’s learned: If you love something enough, you will be willing to let something go.

Connection to Modern Day: A mother letting her child go to college.
Giving a pet away when you move away.

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