Keeper of the Winds Summary

Poseidon had guided Ulysses ships to the island fortress of Aeolus, the keeper of the winds. They came to a gigantic bronze wall that was stretched out across the sea that blocked their way back to Ithaca, the home they haven’t seen for over ten years. The ships scanned the sides of the wall till they came to a gigantic gate. They traveled forward through the bronze wall and found themselves at the castle of Aeolus. A banquet was held in their honor and there Ulysses told Aeolus the story of the Trojan War and his journey back to Ithaca. He was granted one wish for having pleased Aeolus, and he wished for help getting back home.
Aeolus gave Ulysses the east, north, and south winds and put them into a bag. Then he gave him the west wind to lead him in the right direction. “You must only use the winds if you need to change coarse, and if so, only a little at a time,” Aeolus warned. “I don’t plan on it. I’m heading strait to Ithaca and nowhere else,” Ulysses said. “Well if you do need it, it will be with you.” So, Ulysses and his men set out for sea with the bag of winds hung up on the sail. Ulysses told his men never to touch it, and then he guarded the bag with his life.
Nine days and nine nights past, and Ulysses had no rest. He closed his eyes for one second and fell asleep. Just then, Poseidon came up to the hull of the ship and clanked his two gold bracelets together. This caused two foolish crew men to think there was money inside the bag of winds. So they opened it and caused a huge storm to brew. They were sent back to where they started, at the bronze wall were the keeper of the winds was waiting for them. Ulysses begged for a second wish, but Aeolus refused. So they set of to sea yet another time and waited for more trouble to come their way.

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I think that the lesson of the story is that you shouldn’t be greedy. Also you shouldn’t trust people who are very greedy and that the greed would get the best of them. When Ulysses fell asleep his crew turns on him, because they think that the bag of winds is full of gold coins, because Posiden clanks his bracelets and it sounds like there are coins in the bag. When the crew opens the bag all of the winds a set loose and they find out that there is no money in the bag.

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Story Elements

The conflict in the story is getting back to Ithica. This is a person vs nature and external conflict. Getting back to Ithica is a problem because Ulysses men stole the bag of winds. The crew thought the bag was full of gold coins because Posiden was gently gliding along the ship when his bracelets clinked together. The crew men cut the rope that was holdin up the strings. When the bag fell the winds were pouring out. The Keeper of Winds told Ulysses if he needed the winds to open the bag slowly or they will be blown everywhere and their ship will be distroied. When the crew opened the bag the sails of the ship came flying off and the ship ended up on the other side of the ocean, just as they saw the land of Ithica. The characters have many different personalities. Ulysses is brave and, dumbfounded, and a beggar. He led this journey whichmakes him brave, and he asked for a second wish which makes him greedy. He is dumbfound when he wakes up from the noiseofthe winds spilling out of the bag likefireworks. Aleous is genourous . He is genorous becuase he granted Ulysses one wish. Posiden is clever, and looking to stir up trouble. He is clever because when he was silently gluding along the ship when his bracelets clanked together and made them think the bag of winds was full of gold coins. The best part of the story is the climax. The climax in this story was when the crew opened the bag of winds relized that they had caused a storm.
Figurative Language
- Tugging at his arm, like a huge leather balloon.
- The sun was blown out like a candle.
- They at like stafrved men
- He say his crew fling about the deck like dolls

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Connections to Modern Day

- Let their mind to get the best of them

EX: People are greedy and steel, rob banks, rob stores, ect.

- Ask for more than they get

EX: People are spoiled and rich and still want more