The Cattle of the Sun

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The Cattle of the Sun is a very interesting story, with lots of action. At the beginning of the story Ulysses and his men stop at an island. Later, they find at the island is full with sun gods cattle. Ulysses warns his men not to touch the death cattle.
They set up camp and start looking for food and water, while others fix the hole in the ship. Ulysses doesn’t trust his men to not eat the cattle, because he knows that the cattle are intriguing. So he stays up all night to watch his men. None of the cattle were harmed so Ulysses gained trust for his men so he slept the next night. During that time his men betrayed him and killed and ate 6 cows. Ulysses caught them, but the men thought of a clever lie to convince him that the gods said it was all right.
The wind was blowing the opposite way so Ulysses and his men left the island. Since the men lied and ate the cattle, Zeus got angry and created lightning and destroys the ship. Ulysses made a raft by himself because his men had jumped overboard. He was caught in a whirlpool and jumped and hung on a cliff. After the whirlpool ended he jumped down and found himself at an island
filled with black mist.


Ulysses: Leader- He shows his leadership by how he orders his men and makes decisions.
Brave and courageus-
He lives on the edge, he's strong, and takes care of himself. He shows this by how when Zeus destroyed there ship and everybody jumped off. Ulysses made a raft and survived.

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Bad listeners: The men are bad listeners because they betray Ulysses by eating the cattle when Ulysses strictley said not to.
Greedy: The men showed that they were greedy by how they ate the cattle. This shows that they more for themselves.

Fearless: The cattle show that they were fearless because they didn't move when Ulysses men went after them with swords. They didn't move because the gods heavily protected them.
: Cattle are big because the gods took good care of them by providing them food.

Climax: The Climax of the story is when Zeus destroyed Ulysses ship for eating the Sun Cattle. This is the climax of the story because the question is if they eat the cows are they going to get punished.

onflict: The main conflict in the story is people vs. society. Ulysses is against is men because he doesn’t want to dishonor the gods by eating the sun cattle. His men don’t want to starve, and they don’t believe in the myth so they feast on them while Ulysses is eping.

Figurative Language:
· The raft shot out like a cork.
· There was no sailing into the teeth of it.
· They leaped across the carcasses like wild beasts.
· The rafts spur like a leaf in the huge suction.
· They where the finest cattle ever seen on earth.

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Lessons Learned: Some of the lessons learned from this story were pretty important. They learned most importantly not to dishonor the gods. They also learned to listen to what people say. When they left the island Ulysses had no hope. That is a lessoned learned because Ulysses believed in hope when he was hanging from the rock.

Connection to Modern Day: A connection to modern day is almost exactly the same as the time of Ulysses, other than the gods. When we do something wrong after people tell us not to, we suffer consequence.