Ino’s veil


After losing his ship Cylipso, a god, granted Ulysses a beutiful vessel fit to carry one man with ease. But his luck doesn't last, Posiedon, another god, had been on a round about trip around Africa as he passes Ulysses ship he is angered that his last atempt to dstroy Ulysses in an earleir myth had failed. Posiedon makes sure though that this attempt will drown Ulysses this time. Posiedon shakes a storm out of his beard and throws Ulysses ship into a whirlpool. As Ulysses ship spins about he is about to loose all strenghth Ino, a nearby neried. This creature by the name of Ino has been hurt by

Ino offers Ulysses a viel, this viel will allow Ulysses to float on water, but this viel will only work if Ulysses believes that it will float. Ulysses knows that this is his last hope he jumps into the water and splashes about for a moment, but unlike before when the water had felt heavy and cold. The water was light warm and buoyant. Ulysses feels bad for not trusting Ino and yells out "I'm sorry for not trusting you Ino, please forgive me." Ulysses swims for two days and finally reaches the shore of Phaeacia, but yet even more trouble stands in the way of the great Ulysses. Giganteous coral reefs block him from climbing ashore. Two days without food and water now and ullysses tries to climb ashore, but he gets caught upon the coral and is swept back into the ocean by the undertoe of a wave. The coral reef had cut Ulysses and now with the loss of blood Ulysses is getting woozy, he still needs to get ashore though his last hope is to travel along the shore and hope that a cut in the coral will allow him to come ashore.

Ulysses swims on and finds a river cutting thriught the coral and into the land.
He follows this river, climbs ashore, throws the viel back into the water due to the fact that Ino said that the veil will find its way back to her, and collapses from exhastion.

Lesson learned from story

1.If your mad at a person for something they did do not jump to conclusions and start creating hurricanes to destroy your enemies

2.Be grateful for what you have do not mope and fret that more bad stuff will happen to you.

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1.Smart~Ulysses knows to swim along the shore line because he knows that there will be a brake in the coral

2.Thankful~Ulysses clearly shows his thanks to Ino for the veil

3.Courageous~It takes real bravery to jump into a whirlpool and just on the slightest chance you may float.


1.Unforgiving~She never forgave posiedon after hurting her in some special way.

2.Nice~Ino gave Ulysses the veil when he was about to drown.

3.Beutiful~The story described her as a beuitiful green-haired lady.


Person vs. Person (god)
(Ulysses vs. Posiedon)

The conflict is between Posiedon and Ulysses. Poseidon is mad at Ulysses for many reasons and is determined to destroy Ulysses and make his life miserable while Ulysses is just trying to get home after fighting the biggest battle of his life.

Conection to modern day

1.helpful people-Ino helped ulysses by letting him borrow her veil, this veil allowed Ulysses to float on water, people in modern day can be helpful too.

2.people in modern day hold grudges-Poseidon did not forget when Ulysses stabbed his son the cyclops and when he beleived them to be fkirting with the nerieds.

3. Unforgiving people-Ino held a grudge after Poseidon hurt Ino's son, people in modern day can hold grudges.

Figurative language

Poseidon shook a storm out of his beard (hyperbole)

the storm would not let go of the vessel, it was as if poseidon was holding the ship himself. (simile)

Ulysses was all by himself, then in a blink of an eye Ulyses was accompanied by a beutiful green haired lady.(hyperbole)

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