The Sirens

Summary ~

Ulysses woke his men early in the morning to tell them that they were running low on
necessities and needed to make a port stop. He told his men that to get to land they would need to pass through a strait, but in this strait they would have to face two bird-like creatures that eat sailors who crash onto their island. These creatures were called Sirens. Ulysses gave his men bees wax to help them not get attracted to the Siren's beautiful singing. They were on their journey, and Ulysses could hear the faint singing in the distnace. Ulysses was about to jump off the edge of the ship into the river, when his two men Perimedes and Eurylochus caught him and held him back.

When they approached the Sirens the singing grew louder and louder, and Ulysses became attached. When Ulysses saw the Siren's faces, he became disgusted. He tried to level out their ugliness with their beautiful singing. Since Ulysess men couldn't hear the singing, when they saw how ugly the Sirens were, they quickly rowed away. They drifted away until they couldn't hear the singing anymore.

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Characterization ~

The Sirens are ... mischiveous, hideous, musical, hungry, and unordinary.

Ulysses is ... brave, unstoppable, adventurous, tough, determined, intelligent.

Conflict ~

The conflict in The Sirens is Uylsses trying to get pass the Sirens. (Person vs. Society)

Climax ~

When Ulysses gets past the Sirens on their rock of bones.

Figurative Language ~

Tie me tightly as though I were a dangerous captive. ~simile~

He swept on the aside as if they had been children. ~simile~

Happy sounds like bird railing. ~simile~

Sad sounds like rain leaking. ~simile~

Autumn sounds like leaf tapping. ~simile~

Lesson Learned~

Ulysses had to trust his crew to make sure he didn't jump off the side of the ship to die from the Sirens.

Connection to Modern Day~

Trust your friends and family to help you when you need them most.

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