Men were now heading down the river Styx in to the evil underworld. Circe foretold that Ulysses would have to be advised by Ulysses wised ghosts before he could resume his journey. Then an east wind caught the sails and sent him skimming towards waters no ship has ventured before. Night soon fell and the ship sailed blindly. Ulysses men were crowded and scared. Ulysses lashed himself to the steering wheel and stuck splinters in his eye to stay awake. Then after a week of night a light appeared. The wind still blew and the river was getting narrower with rocky islets. Ulysses had to avoid the Cimmerians who dwelled on the shores. Ulysses ordered Elpenor to the top of the mass to scout ahead of them. Then Ulysses tripped and hit the mast, knocking Elpenor to his death. Elpenor fell into the river and was mysteriously drowned. Then a white gull went screaming ahead of them. The crew thought the white gull was Elpenor’s spirit. The whole crew believed Ulysses murdered Elpenor. Ulysses then followed the white gull into the silent but deadly underworld.

1st warning

Once Ulysses and his men arrived in the Land of the Dead, they were met by ghost who gave them warnings for their trip back to Ithaca. The first warning they received was from the ghost of Achilles. He told Ulysses that he and his crew would sail past and an island in the beginning of their journey. On the island they will hear the voices of singing maiden and it will sound so sweet that the crew might not be willing to stay back on the ship. If they dive overboard, they will perish. For those maidens are witches and sisters, and once their voices pull you to them, they will kill you and make drums out of skin and a flute with your bones. These witches are known as the Siren Sisters and Achilles told Ulysses to stay clear once they pass shore.

2nd warning

The second warning is about these two rocks where two hideous monsters lurk. Ulysses dead shipmate Elpenor appears and tells him about these monsters. On the starboard rock in a cave lives Scylla. A twelve legged, six headed, beast with a big appetite. Scylla cries with the voice of a new born puppy. If Ulysses steers to close to this rock where Scylla lives she will seize six men and devour them with her six mouths.

3rd warning
Ulysses saw the ghost of Elpenor and told him that he didn’t push him and said he was sorry. Elpenor told him to build him a grave or he will scratch windows, howl down the chimney, and dance in your sleep. Ulysses promised to build Elpenor his grave. Then Elpenor warned him about these two pacific rocks. If he sails too close to the rock on the left Ulysses will meet a monster named Charybdis. Charybdis will drink up a whole tide of water and spit it out creating a whirlpool of such terrible sucking that any ship would be destroyed.

The climax of the story is when Ulysses gets to the underworld to talk to the ghosts for advice on his upcoming journey. Ulysses slits two black sheep’s throats to form a pool of blood that attracts ghosts. This is the climax of the story because when he kills the sheep for blood he then talks to the ghosts. He did this to get advice for his journey to Ithaca. Ulysses is hoping that Elpenor comes so he can say that he didn’t “murder” him because it was an accident and that he was sorry. This is the climax of the story.


The conflict of the story is for Ulysses to reach the underworld. Ulysses wanted to get to the underworld because Circe foretold that he needed to talk to Elpenor and other ghosts such as his mother and Achilles. He did this by slitting two black sheep’s’ throats that created a pool of blood that would hopefully attract Elpenor. Ulysses got to the underworld by his battered ship. This is the conflict of the story.

Figurative Language

Alliteration/ Onomatopoeia: The ship sailed blindly.

Simile: Ulysses had shaken Elpenor from the mast purposely, as you shake fruit from a tree, so that he might fall in the water and be drowned.

Simile/ Personification: I must find my way back home to Ithaca, past the mighty wrath of a god who reaches his strong hand and swirls the sea as a child does a mud puddle, dashing my poor twig of a ship from peril to grim peril.

Simile: They sailed out of darkness as through a curtain.

Metaphor: A grudging milley grayness that floated down and thickened into fog.


In Land of the Dead, Ulysses sees ghosts of people in the underworld. He had a lot of different emotions running through his head. Ulysses and his crew were thankful for the ghost’s warnings and advice for their journey. Ulysses also shows his determination because he wants to get home to Ithaca and rule again. Thanks to wise ghosts he will.
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