The Cattle of the Sun

Ulysess and his men went to the island of The Cattle of the Sun reluctantly, for they had no food or water left. He meant to leave after a few days, but a gale, or very strong wind, blew for 40 days. Because game was scarce, the men starved and decided to ravage the cattle. They gave a large sacrifice, but the Sun Titan was still very angry and went to Zeus to be allowed to punish the men of Ulysess. During this, Ulysess was asleep and woke up to find his men eating the forbidden cattle. Eurylochus fooled him into thinking it's stag, or deer. The meat started to moo, and then Ulysess figured it out, and he was furious.
They all got on the ship, for the wind had changed in their favor. All of a sudden, the ship caught fire! Ulysess made a raft out of the remains of the mast and hull along with the sail. He drifted for one day before almost being sucked into Charbydis' whirlpool. After he leaped onto the side if the cliff, he waited many hours for Charbydis to spit out the raft. Eventually she did and Ulysess dropped on it and drifted to a strange dark island.


Ulysess: He is brave, because he stayed on the burning ship when everyone left.
He is gullable for believing Eurylochus when he told Ulysess that the cow meat was deer meat.
He is determined for not giving up in the worst of situations.

Eurylochus: He has charisma because the crew took his word over Ulysess'

Conflict: Person vs. nature

Climax: Eurilochus and the crew atack the cattle


Figurative Language: The mast split and fell, laying its white sail like a shrowd over the ship. simile
It was that very moment when Charbys took her first drink of the day. personification
"We must wait until the wind drops." personification

Lessons learned: Temptation doesn't lead to salation.

Mdern Day: 1940's - Hitler killed himself knowing he would die anyway. As did the men.