When the Titan, Calypso, saw Ulysses was going to land on her island, Ogygia, she went out to wait for him to arrive. After Ulysses’ long journey home from fighting in Troy, he had arrived on Ogygia. Ulysses woke up and found himself lying under a shady tree. He had woken up and thought he was dead, but was actually dizzy from traveling overseas. He wanted to go home, but Calypso made him stay on the island.

After Ulysses was being forced to stay on the Ogygia, Calypso told him everything on her island was hers. He had wanted to go home, but had stayed for a little while. He had hunted and went fishing. Ulysses finally made up his mind and wanted to go home to Ithica.

Ulysses wanted to go home to his wife and son. He sent a crow to check on them. When the crow re-turned Ulysses uncovered some terrible information. Ulysses’ wife, Penelope, was being threatened to re-marry. Also, his son, Telemachus, was being threatened to be killed. Ulysses also wanted to get all of the people out of his home. He asked Calypso the favor of being sent home and she said that his wife was old and titans never get old. She told him that if he’d stay she’d turn him immortal. Ulysses prayed to Olympus and Hermes came to tell Calypso to let him go. Calypso was disappointed to see Ulysses go, but she sent him back on his way home.


Across the meadows, four streams ran, crossing each other, making a sound of soft laughter.

Over it a wild grapevine had been trained to fall like curtain.

She stopped and lifted him in her great white arms and carried him easily as though he were a child into the grotto and, set him before the hearth.

The sun shone hotly, but he was in a pool of delicious cool shade under a poplar tree.

Lesson Learned:

Ulysses learned that you have to choose what really matters to you. We can use this in our lives because sometimes we come face-to-face with tough decisions and we don’t know how to choose. You have to reach into your heart and find the true solution which is what really matters to you.

Connection to Modern Day:
This story connects to modern day by having similarities with Iraq. In Iraq, people are trying to get home to their families and are struggling to succeed.



Bossy: Calypso made Ulysses stay on Ogygia.
Sensitive: She took things the wrong way.
Titan: She is immortal.

Proud: Ulysses is proud to be alive.
Mortal: Is able to die.
Hopeful: Wanted to go home to his wife and knew he would someday.

Ulysses wanted to go home; but Calypso made him stay on Ogygia.
Conflict Type: Person vs. Person

The Climax was When the Gods / Goddesses let Ulysses go home. They had heard him praying to them wanting to go home.