The Cyclop's Cave


Summary Of Cyclops Cave

In the beginning of Cyclops Cave, Ulysses and his men had run out of food and needed more. They stopped at a small island, and all of the 13 men had gone to look for food. They had seen something move on the hill, and thought it was a goat. Polyphemus, a Cyclops, saw them coming, and opened his cave door expecting them to come in. Ulysses and his men went in the cave, and Polyphemus shut the door behind them with a boulder to big for them to move. The men started to feast on the goats, and Ulysses saw the door had been shut. Ulysses saw Polyphemus, and Polyphemus ate two men and knocked one unconscious.
Ulysses tells Polyphemus that food tastes better with wine. Ulysses tells Polyphemus that his name is nobody and gives him a gallon of wine. Polyphemus becomes drunk, and falls asleep. Ulysses tell his men to hold on to Polyphemus’ ears, and Ulysses stabs his sword into the Cyclops eye, making him blind.
Ulysses and his men hid under the bellies of the rams. Polyphemus opened the door of the cave so the rams would run out and he could find Ulysses and his men easier. After Ulysses got out of the cave, they ran for their lives back to the boat. Polyphemus tried throwing rocks at the boat, but he missed. When he got in the boat he yelled, “Poor fool! Poor Blinded drunken gluttonous fool. If anyone asks you, it is not nobody but Ulysses who has done this to you!” Polyphemus prayed to Poseidon to have a terrible, long, hard, journey and Poseidon heard and agreed



Greedy- He took the credit for blinding Polyphemus.

Caring- He made sure his group didn’t get hurt or killed. Put them before himself

Smart- Came up with the idea to blind Polyphemus and to hide under the rams.

Polyphemus cyclops.jpg

Sneaky- He lured Ulysses and his men into his cave.

Stupid- He fell asleep while his prisoners were still there; opened the cave door to let the rams out


Will Ulysses and his men get away from Polyphemus and the other Cyclops? Will they be killed, or will they survive?


The men and Ulysses encounter Polyphemus, then blind him with Ulysses' sword making it easier for them to get away.

Figurative Language

Simile- “They ran as they never ran before.”
Simile- “Or you will be devoured like chickens.”
Simile- “Big as a furnace door and glowing softly like a banked fire.”
Imagery- “A huge screeching curdling bellow split the air.”
Simile- “There was a full moon and it was almost as bright as day.”

Connection to Modern Day

In 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. He was being greedy because there was nothing Poland had done to make Hitler invade them. Ulyssees and his men invaded Cyclops' Island because they went right onto the island without making sure it wasn't someone else's island. They went right into the cave on the island and ate the food so they invaded his home like Hitler did to Poland. They could've found their own food rather than taking someone else's. Both Hitler and Ulysses were extremely greedy.

Lessons Learned

  • Don't be greedy.
  • Give other people credit.
  • Don't take what isn't yours.