Ulysses and his men, land on an island and Ulysses goes on land alone. Al men are very hungry, Ulysses then explores land and while wandering down a path Ulysses comes across a dear, stag. He shoots with a bow and arrow and brings it back to the ship. While, they are feasting on the ship Ulysses tells all 45 men about the castle and the howling wolves. Erylochos take 22 men to the castle in search of food and the strange noise of howling. Then they see friendly wolves and lions running together like dogs playing in a yard. Eurylochos stands guard at gate while 22 other men enter the castle because of the wonderful voice of a women singing. As they enter the room the see a lovely women on a loom. She says her name is Circe she offers them a feast. As they feast Circe says a spell and turns them into pigs, Eurylochus sees this and runs back to the ship to tell Ulysses about what he saw. Ulysses grabs his sword runs to castle an meets Hermes the god of Messaging. He hands him a flower and it protects him from all magic. As, he enters the castle Circe offers him a feast. As he feast Circe says a spell but nothing happens, Ulysses grabs his sword and lowers Circe to her Knees. He forces her to change his men back but as they stay over night Ulysses falls madly in love with Circe and one night she forces him to leave immediately so he and his men leave never to return again. Now they are headed to the land of the dead.

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Story Elements:


Circe: Clever, sneaky, pretty, “hair glistens”

Ulysses: Brave, smart, a great leader- went to save his men

Eurylochus: Brave, Clever, Courageous

Ulysses has to understand that Circe is evil and magical

When the men are changed back into humans

Figurative Language-

Simile- They were eating like pigs

- The wolves and lions were playing like dogs

- The bright flax jumped through her finger as if it was dancing to themusic of her voice.

Hyperbole- The son seemed to be trapped in her hair.

Lesson(s) learned-

Expect the unexpected

Don’t trust strangers

Connections to modern day-

Don’t trust strangers you’ll never know what the will do.