By; Jaycie G., Mike Sarnie, and Derek Busko

Cyclops Cave
Ulysses had just escaped Lotusland and had run out of food. His men were getting restless and ulysses could tell that if he didn't find food he would soon be facing a mutiny. Ulysses decided to go ashore on a small mountains island along the Aegean Sea. Next he picked 12 of his bravest men to come ashore with him while they tried to find food. the island seemed deserted, but then Ulysses saw some thing moving across the valley. He assumed it was a goat because the hill they were on was so steep. So the men headed down hill in hopes of catching the goats for food. However this island was the worst island Ulysses could have landed on.
Polyphemus.gifOn this island lived the worst cyclops there ever was, his name was Polyphemus, and the men happened to run greedily into his cave at the smell of roasting goat. Then the caves door closed and they were trapped. Ulysses was forced to think on his feet after two of his men had been eaten and another on his way to his death. After quick thinking and swift movement, the cyclops was fast asleep them Ulysses took his blazing hot sword and stuck it into the cyclops's eye. Then the cyclops woke up and screaming in agony, he tried to squish the men. That didn't work so he made a plan to let the goats escape. Then all the cyclopes would be able to hear would be the men breathing. it would then be clear where they were. However Ulysses thought ahead and knowing that the cyclops would try and capture them alone in the cave Ulysses told his men to hold on to the stomachs of the giant goats and ride them out of the cave. Ulysses plan worked and once they reached the boat Ulysses, the boastful man he was yelled to Polyphemus that it was himself who had blinded the monster. Angry as ever Polyphemus wished that horrible things would come to him and his men. Poseidon heard his wish and decided to grant it. Then at a final attempt to get the men Polyphemus through a near by boulder it hit the middle of the ship and seven of the nine survivors were killed.

Story Elements

Main Character: Ulysses- Boastful and clever. proof: speech and action Ulysses was boastful when he shouted to polyphemus" it was i Ulysses who defeated you!"
Other Characters: Polyphemus- Angry and gross proof: action When he screamed at the men and when he ate the men whole.
Ulysses's Men: Greedy and fearful proof: action When they stole goat from polyphemus and when they started to dry in fear that they to would be eaten.

Climax: The climax was when Ulysses and most of his men escaped from Polyphemus's cave

Figurative Language:

1. the eight goats spitted like sparrows (simile)
2.the lantern was a great flaming eye (metaphor)
3. they were whimpering like terrified children (simile)
4. A huge, screeching, curdling bellow split the air. (metaphor)
Conflict: Will Ulysses and his men escape from the cyclops's cave alive? This story in Person Vs. Supernatural.

Lessons Learned:
Never be boastful bad things will come of it.
Being clever about hard or bad situations is important because it can prevent you from making a situation worse
Thinking ahead gets you ahead in life.

Connection to Modern Day:

The men were like looters in the sense that they went and took what they wanted from the cyclops's cave. This was like when looters go in and take what they want, this was also like those who steel from homes.