external image oldship4.gif "Keeper of the Winds" external image oldship4.gifBy Sam B., Taylor L., Chris S.


Ulysses is on a ship with his men. They are trying to get home from Cyclopes. Ulysses is cursed with ignorance. He is very impatient and is not sleeping. They see in a distance a wall of bronze. They sailed around a wall and see a gate. It opens. The ship moves forward and the sun went out. Ulysses lost his conscious.

When he wakes up he is on the island of Aeolus. He meets the Keeper of the Winds. The Keeper of the Winds wants Ulysses to tell him a story. Ulysses tells him all about the war. Then Ulysses asks him for some help to get home. So he gives Ulysses a bag of wind. They leave and are on their way to Ithaca. Ulysses guards the bag so his men don’t know what is inside.
After nine days, Ulysses sees Ithaca and falls asleep. His men get suspicious and think they hear money inside. His men open the bag. The wind shoots them back to the Keeper of the Winds. Now Ulysses and his men have to start his voyage all over again, without winds.
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Story Elements

· Unable to learn from mistakes
· Eager
-He was being impatient to get back to Ithaca.
· Impatient
-He is so eager to get home he does not sleep; he stays up all day and all night. He wants to get home and his crew can not get him there fast enough.

· Person vs. Society
-Ulysses is angry with the gods after his crew opened the bag.

· The climax is when the bag gets opened. At this part Ulysses is working to get home and this ruins his whole plan.

Figurative Language:
· Masts groaned
· Howling wind

· Red wind beaten face

· Hung about the deck like dolls
· The great leather bag plump as a balloon
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Lessons learned:

  • Don’t be greedy.
  • Don’t be snoopy.
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  • Follow directions and listen to what people say.
  • Always beware of your soundings

Connection to modern day:

  • People still love their homes and would do anything to get back.
  • Be more open to others, don’t hide a lot of things from other people.

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