The story of Sirens starts out when Ulysess has to make landfall at Trinicia. Before they leave, they put ear pulgs in their ears so they can't hear the Sirens sing. Ulysess doesn't put them in though. The reason why is because he needs to be able to hear his own comands. Once they reach the narrow strait, Ulysess can hear the Sirens voice. He is standing in one spot trying to resist the peircing voices of the Sirens, when he feels the sun pounding on him. He carges for the water because he is burning from the sun. The other men stop him before he gets there, but they were to late to save the mast of the boat (Ulysses broke it when he charged). His crew tied him to a mast with a rope so he wouldn't go after the water again. Ulysses sees the Sirens and is so appauled by their looks that he can't hear them anymore. He nudges and sqirms as he tries to look away, but the sight of the Sirens is too distracting. All the sqirming with the rope around him makes him start to bleed. The other crew members row the boat faster and faster. They finally get though the Sirens, unharmed and calm. In the end, Ullysses and his crew arrive at Thrinicia.


Characterization: Ulysses
  1. Smart: he plugs his crew members ears with bees wax so they won't hear the voice of the Sirens.
  2. Strong: he broke the mast pole
  3. Brave: He didn't plug his ears before he cameto the Sirens

Conflict: Person vs. Supernatural: The conflict in this story is when Ulysses is trying to make it through the Sirens.

Climax: The climax of this story is when Ulysses breaks the mast and tries to jump overboard.


Figurative Language:

  1. Quiet sounds like snow flaking.
  2. Happy sounds like birds railing.
  3. Autumn sounds like leaves tapping.
  4. Sad sounds like rain leaking.
  1. But the appeatance did not match their voices, for they were shaped like birds, huge birds, larget than eagles. They had feathers instead of hair, and their hads and geet were claws. But their faces were the faces of young girls.
  2. They could hear nothing but the thin pulsing of their own blood.

Lesson Learned:
To stay strong and keep up your leadership even though you are not happy with something that you chose.

Connection to Modern Day:
  1. Some people choose to be the leader even though they may have to do something they don't want to.
  2. People suffer trough things that a lot of people would be scared to do or to happen.
  3. Birds chirping/singing.

Ino’s Veil


In this myth, the first thing that happens is Calypso granted Ulysses a small vessel. On the way back from Africa, Poseidon sees Ulysses and gets very mad. He gets mad because he thought that he had drowned him in the last fight they had, obviously he is still alive. Poseidon sends a huge storm towards Ulysses. Tidal waves come and try to kill him.

Next, a girl with green hair name Ino comes. Ino tells Ulysses that she wants to get back at Poseidon because he hurt her. She hurts Poseidon by helping out Ulysses. Ino gives Ulysses her veil and tells him that if he wraps himself in the veil he won’t ever be able to drown as long as he’s in it.

So Ulysses wraps himself in the veil and swims for two days to the coastline where he will meet the land. He get to land, but there is jugged rocks along the ocean shore. He starts to get pushed from the waves and ends up hitting them and getting cut up. He starts bleeding when large patches of skin gets ripped off his chest.

Characterization of Ulysses:

Strong- He swam for two days straight without stopping.
Brave- He stood up to Posiedon.

Conflict: Posiedon tries to kill Ulysses.

Climax: Ino gives Ulysses her magic veil which makes sure he does not drown, instead he floats.

1. The boat spun like a chip.

2. The water seemed death-cold, heavy as iron, but now it seemed warm as a bath.

3. When he began to swim he found himself slipping like through the water like a fish.

4. Be he clung to the rock like a sea Polyp.

5. Ushering drowned men to those caverns beneath the sea where the white bones roll.

Lesson(s) Learned:
To trust people and try and settle problems with the people you have fights with.

Connection to Modern Day:
People are going and people get into fights sometimes. People act mean to people and don’t like them sometimes