In the beginning of this story, Ulysses was trapped in the middle of the sea. Ulysses has to find his way home, he went overboard when Poseidon's storm. Ulysses has to find his way to the shore. While he is in the middle of the storm, he meets a Nereid named Ino, who gives him a veil that will help him back to shore. Ino gave Ulysses the veil because in the past Poseidon hurt Ino. Ino wanted to get Poseidon back so she gives Ulysses the veil.

Ino then tells Ulysses to swim to the mountains on shore. Ulysses doesn't completely trust Ino because he Nereid’s work for Poseidon and he is not sure that this isn't just a trap to make him drown. Ulysses finds the courage to trust Ino and starts to swim across the sea. The veil ends up working and Ulysses doesn’t drown. After three days of swimming he reaches the rocky shore of Phaeaa.

When Ulysses tries to climb up on the shore he gets swept up by a wave and smashes against a rock. Ulysses then starts to get dizzy because of loss of blood, and also he haven’t eaten food in three days. He decides that the best way to get food and water fast is to reach the shore in an easier way. Ulysses swims along the shore until he finds a sandy beach. Once Ulysses finds the beach he follows a river, gets water. Then when he tries to find food in the forest he faints before he reaches any food.


Characterization- Ulysses has courage, he is also strong, bold, daring, leader, tough, and fighter.
Ulysses shows this mainly throughout the story by trusting Ino. He thought he could trust her even though she could be working for Poseidon.

Conflict- Ulysses has to find a way to get to shore, without drowning or dying in Poseidon's storm. Ulysses has to be able to trust Ino and use her veil. Ulysses has to find a way to trust Ino to save himself. (Person vs. Supernatural) - (Person vs. Self)

Climax- When Ulysses finally reaches the beach and he finds the shore. He gets out of the water and he is looking for food and water. That is when the story changes because after that it starts to lead on to the next one. Before he can find the food he faints and that leads on to the next story.

Figurative Language- "He shook a storm out of his beard". - Symbolism.

"The water seamed death-cold, heavy as iron". - Metaphor

"Then it felt as warm as a bath".-simile


"He clung to the rock like a sea polyp".-simile

Lesson Learned- Ulysses learned to not be doubtful. He learned it when he doubted that he would live through the storm. Then Ino saved Ulysses by giving him the veil. Ulysses learned that you should never doubt because there is always hope inside every situation.

Connection to Modern Day- This connects because in the real world you should never lose hope. If you lose hope your result will usually come out to be negative. If you always have hope you will have a good or positve result. There is always hope for everyone so you should never lose hope.