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Ulysses awoke, informed his crew of the dangers ahead. He informed his men of what life-threatening obstacles lay in the narrow strait ahead. He told them to tie himself to the huge mast. He clogged every ones ears but his own with wax. Then, they slowly sailed into the strait. Ulysses started to hear the faint voices of the siren sisters. All of his strength was being sucked into the sweet sounds of their voices. All of a sudden, he broke through the rope, using all of his strength he pushed through his strongest men (that he placed in front of himself for that exact reaon) and sprinted toward the front of the boat heading towards the water. His crew stopped him in the nick-of-time and they tied him to the rope connected to the anchor. Minutes later, they turned the corner to see the ugly faces of the siren sisters sitting on a pile of, bones. He looked away as his men rowed faster and faster to exit the strait right ahead. Every time he looked away from the ugly creatures, he was strongly tempted to jump in the water. But when he looked at the hidious monsters the sweet sounds of their songs went as fast as they came.


Wise leader

I would categorize him as all of these characteristics for reasons through out the story. He was bold, daring, and courageous because he decided to go through the strait, not around it. He was a little too overconfident and cocky that the sail through would be smooth. He is a leader, strong, and wise for blocking his crew’s ears with wax, and protecting them from danger. Also, for having his men tie him to the mast and not clogging his own ears. He didn’t clog his own because he needed to hear the sounds of the sea, and keep his crew out of danger. I believe that all these traits definitely describe Ulysses throughout his journey.

Connection to Modern Day

We decided that Manny Ramirez was a suitable modern day connection for several reasons. The main reason was because he is cocky throughout his baseball career. On various occasions, he overlooked games and had an overconfident attitude. We feel that Ulysses was also overconfident and cocky that the sail through the strait would be smooth.

Will Ulysses and his men escape the Sirens?
Person vs. Supernatural


The climax in this story is when the ship is passing through the strait, and the hideous Siren Sisters are perched on the pile of bones, singing their beautiful songs. Also, when Ulysses is straining to get out of the rope and dive into the cool, silvery water.

Figurative Language

“The polished blades whipped the sea into a froth of white water and the ship nosed toward the strait.”


“He swept them aside as if they had been children.”


Lessons Learned

Ulysses learned many lessons throughout his journey through the strait. One very important lesson he learned is to go into things expecting the worst and hoping for the best. In other words don’t be overconfident. Ulysses went into this journey thinking it would be an easy, smooth sail through. However, it was defiantly not as easy as he expected. His crew members saved Ulysses from jumping off the ship, Ulysses also learned to live in the moment, and not to overlook things. Ulysses was already planning ahead to after they sailed past the Siren Sisters, when he should’ve been planning how to get past the Siren Sisters. These are very important lessons and I don’t think Ulysses will ever forget them.