Ulysses and his men are sailing to the Land of the Dead. On their way, they come across a foggy, dark, never-ending night. The crew is lost, tired, and scared. Ulysses sends one of his sailors, Elpenor, to climb the mast and figure out where they are. Suddenly, Elpenor falls to his death in the icy cold waters. A gull takes his place and leads his crew to their destination.

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When they arrived at the Land of the Dead, they dug a trench and filled it with blood to attract the dead. he sees his mother first. Following behind her are the ghosts of Achillis, Ajax, and Elpenor. They each give him the advice he is looking for. Achillis tells him that on his journey back to Ithaca, he will pass a certain island. On this island are maidens whose voices are mesmorizing to sailors. If they stop and go to this island though, they will perish. Next was Ajax who told Ulysses that his wife is cheating on him and his son is being held captive in his own castle. Then Elpenor arrives. Elpenor tells Ulysses that he will haunt him until he builds him a grave. The final ghost that visited him was Teiresias. He tells Ulysses that the next island he stops on, Thrinacia, will be filled with cattle. Teiresias warns him to not take any of the cattle, or else they will never see home again. Ulysses accepts all of the advice, and gathers his crew. Now, the journey has begun.

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Figurative Language:

Simile - Whereupon the crew began to whisper among themselves that the gull was the spirit of their shipmate, Ulysses had shaken him from the mast purposely, as you shake fruit from a tree.

Personification - And, finally, after a week of night, a febile light did curtle the sky - not a regular dawn, no joyous burst of sun, but a grudging milky grayness that floated down thickend into fog.

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- But now the bow tipped forward and the stern arose, and the ship slipped through the water with a rushing rustling speed, as if it were sailing downhill.

Hyperbole - The men were too frightend to breath.


The climax is when Ulysses leaves the Land of the Dead.


Will they survive the journey?

Person vs. Nature


Ulysses - Wise, good leader, boastful, proud. Proof - Led his crew out of darkness and was the only human to survive the journey to the Land of the Dead.

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Lessons Learned:

1. Don't hurt other people to get what you want, or else it will come back around to you.

Connection to Modern Day:

1. We still celebrate people who have influenced the world in a positive way.